In this Wellness School you will learn tools, tips and hacks to help you develop and maintain good health on a mental, physical and spiritual level. The programs are practical, helpful, informative, inspiring and open to anyone with an interest in health and well-being.

"Krissy's Wellness Retreat is an excellent combination of information, inspiration, relaxation and motivation. It was empowering. I came away feeling confident and positive about small changes I can make to improve my health and overall wellness now, and into the future. It was such an enjoyable experience."

- Jenny, Townsville, Queensland

Krissy Regan Wellness Coach
12 Steps
12 Steps to an Unbreakable Mind, Body & Spirit

12-month online guided program lead by Krissy Regan with guest interviews and loads of helpful resources.

Group Workshops

Group Workshops, Corporate Groups, Retreats and Bespoke sessions delivered at your venue!

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Krissy Regan Wellness Coach

Hi, I’m Krissy Regan.

Author, Speaker and Wellness Coach.

I help individuals attain wellness through a wholistic approach to Mind, Body and Spirit.

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