Interview 1 - Emotional Eating with Kim Stevenson

Kim Stevenson Emotional Eating Interview.pdf

Inspiring Interview with Kim Stevenson; International Athlete, Author, Coach and Mum! 

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We talk about emotional eating, why we stress eat and how can we break our coding!

The Questions I put to Kim were as follows:

•                    Why is it that people turn to food instead of talking? 

•                    What was the journey that you went on to discover a way to be a more empowered eater?

•                    What prompted you to write your book?

•                    Since becoming a mother have you noticed your habits and rituals have changed and what has been the impact on your eating habits.

•                    What advice would you give to people who want to use food less as a way of coping with stress?

You can view Kim’s work here and purchase a copy of her awesome book to help you on your journey to be a more empowered eater.

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